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I have too many multiparts up in the air. Maybe this will help me focus a little? Or at least give me a kick in the pants and make me finish the top ones. Links to AO3 (or applicable source).

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Doujinshi info dump

I have been on a doujinshi binge lately.

This has led to me finally going through and straightening out the folder where I tend to dump all of my doujinshi bookmarks. So here's an infodump of the resources I have at the moment, and a couple I apparently need to look into.

It probably says something about my tastes which sites I have bookmarked.

Note that pretty much all of these sites have a mix of non-adult and adult stuff. Most of them will give you a pop-up asking it you're over 18.

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Welcome to Hell fic: A for Autophobia

I have two other things promised, but in my defense I started this one immediately after I finished "The Bridge," it just took me a while to finish.

I present to you a short fic exploring if Jonathan did “punch his own ticket" and ended up alphabetizing the Hall of Crippling Phobias. Technically a sequel to The Bridge but I don’t think you need to read that first if you don’t want to. This does mention Jonathan’s death/injuries, however.

This is built on a pretty depressing premise, so again not a happy fic. Even if I hope there’s some notes of hope? (I almost want to write something more fluffy and happy with them in Hell together. I don’t even know.) Implied established relationship between Jonathan and Sock.

Title: A for Autophobia
Pairing: Jonathan/Sock-ish
Warnings: mentions of death, suicide, hell and a couple phobias
Words: 1600
Summary: Jonathan’s afterlife in the Hall of Crippling Phobias is monotonous and lonely, except for the times when Sock shows up.
Notes: Autophobia = fear of being isolated or abandoned, Acrophobia= fear of heights, Spectrophobia = fear of mirrors, Phobophobia = fear of developing a phobia.

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New fandoms, new fics!

So I have actually gotten quite into the cartoon Dude, That's My Ghost. (Which I can't even explain why I like it, okay? But the characters are like a stupid kind of funny, and I ship nearly everything that is shippable, and they're fun to write. So I'm just going to enjoy it, okay, yeah?)

So new fics! Links go to AO3.

Midnight Asthetics
Fandom: Toriko
Pairing: Kings/Komatsu
Warnings: none
Words: 517
Summary: Sunny appreciates balance in all things, including the unruly pile made by his sleeping lovers.

On the Ceiling
Fandom: Dude, That's My Ghost
Pairing: Billy/Spencer
Warnings: suggested pedophile stalker Ponzi, underage (Spencer not aged up)
Words: 2573
Summary: When trapped against the ceiling in Ponzi’s office, Spencer and Billy run headlong into their mutual attraction for one another.

Fandom: Dude, That's My Ghost
Characters: Billy, Spencer
Warnings: none
Summary: Billy and Spencer's bromance: short headcanon ficlets (under 1000 words each) that could be read as friendship or pre-slash, I think?
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Spencer doesn’t mind sharing a bathroom, even when Billy gets pushy about some weird things.
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off: Billy has a good reason to be stealing Spencer’s clothes. Spencer tries to comfort him.

Welcome to Hell fic: The Bridge

So I have really dropped the ball on updating stuff lately. So! Update time!

1) I have a tumblr. If you have a tumblr you can come over and say hi or something. Mostly I just post stupid headcanons and flaily stuff sometimes.
2) I'm doing Camp NaNo in July. Yaaay! Also I kinda have some finished fic I need to edit and post. Double yaaaaaay!
3) I have been cheating and posting like really short 500 word fics on tumblr and I need to post them on AO3 and here and yeah, I'm really sorry and also I suck. I was all "I'm not posting anything to LJ until I finish this stupid YGO fic!" except it's been a month and it's not done. So I'm sorry and I learned my lesson and also I suck. (I have an appointment in a little bit but I'll come back and do that.)

But I do have a fic for you right this minute! It is for an animated short (student thesis) called "Welcome to Hell." Trigger warnings for death, suicide, and blood. (Yet at the same time it's actually pretty cute and happy. And has a character called "Sock" who is like a homicidal ray of sunshine and the whole thing actually makes me giggle.)

So: Link to the author's DA account. Link to the short film. And link to the first page of the comic version of the beginning. (I really like the art, but it doesn't even introduce Jonathan yet so still watch the film.)

Title: The Bridge
Characters: Jonathan, Sock
Warnings: Character death, Suicide
Words: 5560
Summary: As much as he tries not to admit it, Jonathan finds himself growing closer to Sock. The only problem is: the more he opens up to Sock, the more vulnerable he becomes.

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I blame tumblr. :P Because the Toriko tag was all "Crossover special! Crossover special! TorikoDBZOnePiece wheeee! I have links!"

Not subbed yet that I know of (I'll put in a link when I find it subbed, okay?) But yeah. Spoilers.
EDIT: Well, the first half is subbed, anyway. Can be watched subbed here. Hopefully the second half too soon!

And wow, I really couldn't hang on to my "write/post any fic" card, could I? *laughs*

I really wanted more Vegeta vs. Zebra vs. Zoro because EPIC. But I was stuck trying to plot out a fight scene (especially since I'm so behind on OP and it's been so long since I watched DBZ. >.< I'm sorry guys! I don't know your move sets anymore!) So instead I ended up going to schmoopy-town because that is were I live, okay! :P Even grump-face Vegeta must visit eventually!

Title: Waiting Up
Characters: Vegeta, Zebra, Zoro, Sanji, Komatsu, Trunks
Warnings: SPOILERZ!
Words: 900
Summary: It's well after dark by the time the last three challengers make it back, not expecting to find anything left of the tournament.

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Fic: Time Out chapter 4

Holy crapmonkeys, look what I finally posted three years too late!

I feel kind of bad, because it turned out what it really needed was frustrated Conan. >.< Sorry everyone... *still really enjoyed writing it* I think the next theme I want to play with is 'jealousy.' :3 After that, who knows what will happen.

Title: Time Out part 4
Characters: Conan/Heiji(ish?)
Warnings: none
Words: 1700
Summary: A skiing trip has Heiji sharing his warmth and Conan can't help being suspicious.

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Babbling to myself and writing list

Well, I found Toriko fandom. It's on tumblr. Maybe over the weekend I'll get over my fail and go squee at people like a mad thing and make a fool of myself.

As a side note, this is at least the fifth time in the last two months I've gone, wait there's more of [insert fandom] on tumblr! Me and pattern recognition, I tell ya... >.< I might have to learn to do the tumblr properly after all. (Maybe it makes me a snob, but I hate that cinched-narrow format for fic and the main thing I do is fic so I've been reluctant to post. I wonder if it would be rude to post periodic "what I wrote lately" things with links to AO3. Probably so, right...?)

My other side note is I really, really wish Toriko fandom had a kink meme. I'm not reliable enough to make and mod one myself. *wishes she was*

This kind of goes into my main point. Toriko fic is trying to eat my heart (the toothmarks have been there for years, but still!). The ROTG kink meme is way too much fun (and the Tintin one, though I'm more under control there, and I'm afraid to go look at the most recent dc_yaoi one partly because I'm half a year late but mostly the last one took me over for like a month). And who knows what will pounce on me next time I turn around now that I am frantically dragging myself back into the world with words.

So, in the interest of my getting stuff done, I'm considering alternating between "brand new, grabbed my brain" fic and "chewing on my brain for years" fic (aka, my neglected WIPs and promised stuff).

And in the interest of keeping myself honest, and to help me keep track, I'm making a list of the latter.

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RotG fic: Sandy Knows Best

Guess who just got a copy of the Rise of the Guardians movie! :D Okay, I promise this won't keep me from working on some of the other WIPs, but I just had to write some fic and you all know Sandy is love! *huggles him*

Title: Sandy Knows Best (or: 5 ways Sandy has to look after his fellow guardians)
Characters: Sandy looking after everyone
Warnings: none (spoilers for movie, maybe? Otherwise none)
Words: 1500
Summary: For a bunch of powerful immortal beings, the people Sandy cares about aren't very good at taking care of themselves. Sandy does his best to look after them, one at a time.

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Tokyo Majin fic: An Accident of Timing

Things are going pretty good here, I think. Writing getting done. Studying getting done. Editing getting done. Whee!

I forgot I signed up for NaNo summer camp. Oops. >.< Well, maybe I'll try for 30,000 new words as I get stuff written? The problem is I have a lot of typing up of things in notebooks and editing to do.

Here's another promptfic from 2011. I actually made several tries at this one before, but couldn't get it to work until I gave in to the fact that it wanted to be sex and switched to Tatsuma's POV (he's really hard to write, but I do like how it turned out in the end).

I forgot I wrote a comment-fic for this earlier, salvaging one of my failed attempts. Posted to AO3!

Everything Here Bites
400 words. More Kyouichi/Tatsuma. Kyouichi does not appreciate being bitten... At least not most of the time.

Title: An Accident of Timing
Prompt: Sense of timing
Pairing: Kyouichi/Tatsuma
Warnings: Non-explicit-type sex
Words: 2000
Summary: When they kiss Kyouichi pretends it's an accident, but Tatsuma is sure they are too perfectly in sync for that. At least, he wants to be sure. Takes place between episodes 13 and 14. Spoilers for first season/Dark Arts arc.

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I don't even know what to say about real life right now. I guess should admit I'm going through a rough time, but every time I have a good day I want to go, "Nope, everything's fine now! Nothing's gonna go wrong again." Because fuck you, pattern recognition. I'm ignoring you.

It's nothing so dramatic, anyway. I've just been in a bad place in my head. I guess I just want to say something because I'm trying to get better. Like, the permanent kind of better, if that's possible. Because I've been coming and going from that place for half my life now, and that's more than enough.

But hey, fandom's also been with me almost that long! Ever since I discovered Ronin Warriors is the best thing ever and ohwow there's more of it on the internet! So it might be crazy, but I want my writing here to be part of the process. I want to start picking up the pieces I feel like I've dropped or broken here too. If that makes any sense.

I'm going to be trying to post the things that should have been finished but somehow never were. Chapters of the patiently waiting WIPs (trying for the first three sections on my WIP post, basically down to the "stalled" part of the list.). The prompts from December 2011. The 10_whores and 30_dogpile challenges (at least enough chapters to get my plot, dangit! After that it's just fluffy gravy). And a couple other things that should have been posted, yet never were.

So let me start with one of the things from the 2011 prompts. Zebra/Komatsu for [profile] rice_kracker

Title: The Sound of his Heart
Prompt: Sense of hearing
Pairing: Zebra/Komatsu
Warnings: Introspective Zebra, I guess? I'll try to make him more violently tsundere next time.
Words: 1460
Summary: Komatsu's voice was the first part of him that Zebra knew. He doesn't know why, but he wants to fill his ears with Komatsu.

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Uploading finished, I think...

Well, that was a lot faster this time around. Mostly because I did the hard editing-type-stuff when I was uploading to YF. I think I have everything up. Everything I posted to LJ is there. Everything I posted to my old site should be there. I can't vouch for comment-fic but I couldn't before (think I got the best of it, anyway!) Not sure I have the same things in the ficlet collections, since YF is gone.

But yeah, 250 and some change later, I think that's a complete collection. I do not want to do that again.

I also found an annoying number of things that are finished (or nearly finished) and never got posted. I just went through everything 9 months ago! >.< Apparently I need to go through my fic writing folder every 6-12 months! Some of them are huge and need editing, so for now here are two short enough to edit before I collapse.

Marks for a Memory
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Grimmjow/Orihime
Warnings: none? (post-sex)
Words: 200
Summary: Orihime isn't surprised to find little marks scattered over her body, but she never expected to mark Grimmjow.
Written a while ago for slr2moons, but I added to a bit. I hope you still like?

Between a Rock and a Camera
Fandom: Yugioh
Pairing: Keith/Bones, hint of Keith/Honda
Warnings: none
Words: 250
Summary: Set in Duelist Kingdom. Bones collects footage of their opponents for Keith, but doesn't get what he expected in return.
I think I wrote this when RK wanted some Bandit Keith/Honda, but it ended up being mostly about Bones.

Miracle Train fic: Roppongi/Ryougoku

In keeping with the trend, while uploading I find more stuff I never posted! This has been done for at least 6 months, yet I never posted it. Sorry again, internet.

Title: Getting Off Track, take 4
Pairing: Roppongi/Ryougoku
Warnings: Off-screen death
Words: 960
Summary: Ryougoku gets a nasty shock, and Roppongi will do what little he can to make things better.

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More updates and Naruto fic

I got through 2007 yesterday. That was the year of the Naruto fic (so... many... drabbles... *twitch twitch*) Which means it was also Naruto update day on ff.net! *laughs* I think that's... well, most of my favorite Naruto fics. There are others I keep wibbling over and considering adding, but frankly that's a healthy enough Naruto section for now.

If there is one good thing about having to go through all this stuff again, it would be that I keep finding nearly-done projects and just going and finishing them. Because... yeah. I was just in a Naruto-y mood, and I wanted there to be more Lee/Gaara!

So call it a gift for slr2moons. Because it's been so long since I posted new GaaLee! I'm not entirely sure she wants it, mind. I keep reading it and going "hnnnnh sand in places" and yet I'm pretty sure Lee doesn't actually care! Though it feels like there should be more, I've no idea where the plot would go. Probably a good thing with the number of projects I have.

Title: Armor of Grit, Sand and Stubbornness
Pairing: Lee/Gaara
Warnings: (non-explicit) sex, antisocial Gaara, sand everywhere
Words: 3980
Summary: Gaara uses his sand to demand Lee's attention, but Lee wants something more substantial than sand.

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The Longest Night part 3 and uploading news

First news: I'm in the process of uploading all my fic to AO3. Because I'm just getting kind of fed up with the whole thing and at least it will let me back-date things! This is going to sound odd and narcissistic: but if you have an AO3 account, please don't subscribe to me yet. I'm trying to get the whole mess uploaded over spring break and I would feel really, really bad spamming anyone with hundreds of emails (and... yeah, not even kidding. I'm guessing I'm somewhere over 200 uploads left to go.) I'll put an announcement when I'm done (I just started 2007 now, so it'll be a while. though at least now I'm in the area of stuff that doesn't make me squirm with shame.)

I'm also uploading a selection of my favorites to ff.net, so sorry for the spam there too. ^^;

On the new fic front! Here's a new part of The Longest Night!

It's about here that I run into a really huge problem with posting as I finish each scene. >.< Specifically, Hope forgives Snow WAY too fast at the beginning. When it was just that one part it was fine, because I'd never have gotten to it otherwise, but now I realize that sub-plot should have gone along for a while before being resolved. First because it would better mirror the game plot, but more importantly because it just feels like there's this blank area where there should be a character arc and there's nothing because I went and resolved it. But of course I can't go back and fix it because I already posted the first part. Shit.

Although since Nana-chan is likely the only one reading this: Do you mind if I rewrite parts of it? Argh... But at the same time I'm not supposed to be agonizing over this. It's an experiment! I should just write it!

Anyway, got along a little in the plot, such as it is. Stopping there because I'm pretty sure the next thing I have to do is bring in Lightning and Sazh (and hair!chocobo!) but so help me I don't know what I'm doing with them.

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If you haven't seen the KyoAni thing with the swimming boys, here's the context:

(It's only 30 seconds. Reading the fic would take longer.)

They don't even have names. So, obviously: nicknames! I actually wondered if anyone would be able to tell who was who from them. I think I blew my fangirl Japanese tokens for the past five years on this fic. :P
Sempai = polite way to address upperclassman
Niko = sound effect of a smile
Ganbare = 'go for it' or 'do your best,' basically.
Shotacon = someone attracted to young boys (though more commonly used to describe a genre of manga about such) I blame fandom for this one.
Genki = energetic, happy (often a super-cute main female character type in shoujo manga...) This one was my friend slr2moons's idea, which I thought was perfect!
Since Aka not only means red (noun), but could be aka-chan (baby) my brain keeps insisting there's some backstory there.
Shut up, brain.

Also I kinda ship Cutie/Stoic. Not because of actual interaction, just because I was working on the Max/Kai fic right before/after watching, so... *headkeys* Again: Shut up, brain.

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Toriko fic: The Chef's Special 3/4

Yet again, it took me way too long to figure out what I needed to tweak to make this work (I had the rough draft of this done first out of the four! Why did it take so long to polish?). I'm pretty happy with how it came out in the end.

Translation note: The drink from Sunny’s full course is called Charis Dragon Scale Shurui (a general word for an alcoholic beverage), which I chose to translate as “liquor” here. Because calling it “juice” is ridiculous. (As to why it’s being served in a sake decanter if it’s not technically sake? Because I thought that was the most beautiful option, of course.)

Title: Chef's Special 3/4
Pairing: Sunny/Komatsu
Warnings: Lots of fun with hair-fondling! Yays?
Words: 3400
Summary: After inviting Komatsu out for a special night, Sunny finally makes a very important proposal.

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Rune Factory Frontier fic: Tame

I have a longer plotty fic in the works for these two, but my practice attempts at writing them turned out good enough to share. It's always fun writing video game fic and trying to fit in some hints of the mechanics.

I always get this vibe from Kross like he wants Raguna to take him home and brush him. I mean, he gives you the pet brush and tells you how to tame monsters, and then he keeps waxing poetic about how he wants to be a monster. Conclusion: Kross totally wants Raguna to brush him and give him cuddles. :P Too bad that's not what happens in this fic at all...

Title: Tame
Pairing: Kross/Raguna
Warnings: maybe spoilers (does it count as spoilers if it's just speculation that I haven't confirmed yet?), some hurt/comfort
Words: 1560
Summary: Raguna wants to know why Kross would want to be a monster. Kross shows him.

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Posted this on the kinkmeme a while ago and forgot to post it here. >.< Oops and sorry...

My RotG surge now has other fandoms peeking in around the edges (particularly Beyblade and Rune Factory: Frontier at the moment), so while more fic is most definitely coming I'll try not to be a one-fandom writer in February. Probably another surge of fic once I get my hands on the movie, though.

The only other thing I have to say is that I'm stupidly happy I got this to 1000 words exactly.

Title: An Image of Frost
Warnings: none
Pairing: hint of Bunny/Jack
Words: 1000
Summary: Bunny enjoys sketching new patterns in his free time, but lately one subject is getting much more attention than he would like to admit.

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