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Rise of the Guardians fic: Tastes of Ice

Maybe I should get an icon for this fandom if I'm gonna write so much for it. ^^;

Anyway, still rather distracted by the kinkmeme! I have another fic for it in progress but I figured I should go ahead and post the one I finished. The prompt for this was that each of the Guardians had to give up one of their senses to gain what is basically immortality.

Title: Tastes of Ice
Warnings: none
Words: 1450
Summary: Jack thinks he's the only one missing something, until the other Guardians tell him what they've given up.

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Rise of the Guardians: ficrecs

Fic for this fandom multiplies so much faster than I can keep up, but I keep trying to read it all! So much good fic! (So much good gen and angst and family fic! Whoo!)

Oh, and this is all from the kinkmeme so far.

EDIT: Okay, I finally read through the dozen new fics since my last sweep and had to add another one. I'll probably also be collecting stuff from ff.net to rec at http://ffnet-goodfic.livejournal.com/ (and I still need to post fic of my own at some point this week. Busy, busy)

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I have been just a bit batty about the Rise of the Guardians movie since I first saw it, so fic must happen, obviously!

This is kind of a prologue to a longer fic I have in the works. (In fact, I'm going to go ahead and merge the fics as I post them to ff.net.) I went and wrote kind of an epilogue already, so now I really have to go and write all the in-between parts!

This takes place close after the battle with Pitch at the end of the movie. I couldn’t find any official note on ages or birthdays, so I’m going with Jack being fifteen or sixteen, Jamie being eight in the movie and Sophie being three and a half.

Title: Eight Going on Eighteen 1/?
Characters: Jack Frost main
Warnings: none
Words: 3500
Summary: Jack doesn't know how to react to the welcome the other Guardians give him. Luckily it's not yet too warm for him to visit his first believer.

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Fanfic frustraions

Something I keep meaning to mention here: Your Fanfiction, where I just finished transferring all of my fic a few months ago, seems to have died. I can't find it. I can't even find anything indicating what has happened. It's been this way for a while at this point and it seems pretty certain it's not coming back.

At this point I think my main option is just putting all the old stuff in matching entries here and on Dreamwidth (http://stariceling.dreamwidth.org/). At least then I can back-date all the stuff to where it goes, and hope that only one set will be lost at a time. (On the off chance someone is looking for a fic that is unavailable, just mention here and I'll put that up first. Even if it's something like "wasn't there that one Jojo fic with the thing?" because I'll just post the lot.)

There's also a certain temptation to just go and post great swaths of it on ff.net, since that seems to be the one place people actually find it. (I can only think of a couple porny fics I still like anyway.)

Also, I am having one of those days when reading fic just gets me into trouble. The worse kind of trouble,* when you find something that makes the fic you're working on suddenly worthless. And I don't just mean someone had a similar idea. I'm betting the fandom's ff.net section will hit 2000 fics before Christmas and it is a very simple idea. What's getting to me is this other person took a completely different tack and made it work so brilliantly that now I just feel stupid. And to add insult to injury they did it in about 1/3rd of the words I've wasted on this thing so far.

I'll probably write it anyway. For the bit with the glaciers if nothing else. But right now I'm going to be over here banging my head on the keys and feeling like a hack.

*The better kind of trouble being when you find that no one has written what you want to read and the next thing you know you have over 10K of Rune Factory Frontier fic and growing because fandom needs moar Kross, dammit! Probably won't be posting any of it until I actually finish the game, though.

The Longest Night part 2

Two points of news!
First: I'm starting graduate school in about a month. It's been 2 years trying to land an entry-level job in my field. At this point I have to try attacking the career thing from a different angle or fear I'm going insane. Also it seems as I get further from my graduation date my education becomes worth less than my experience as an unskilled quality control monkey. Hahadammit...

Second: As sort of a vague 'practice what you preach' guilt from encouraging slr2moons to post more art and such (and hopefully it works! Fingers crossed?) I'm trying to step up my own drive to actually get stuff done. Like getting something posted once every two weeks? That's the tentative goal, anyway.

Now I bring in the latest piece of the Snow+Hope AU thingy. Read previous parts here This might look like it has a plot, but I'm still denying that I have any idea what I'm doing!

I keep feeling like I'm borrowing from East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Should I be up here with an arm-waving disclaimer that Snow has pure intentions here, no really, ignore the fairy tale archetypes because we're going on a tangent any time here...

Okay, maybe I have ideas, but it's not much of a plot so far.

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I swear, one of these years I will manage to pace myself and not have to break into an all-out NaNo sprint in the last week-or-less.

On the other hand: Yaaaaay! I wins! With like an hour to go and everything!

Oh, yeah, I also broke my most words churned out in a day record. Formerly in the neighborhood of 10K, matched a handful of times but never surpassed. Today I managed over 14K.

I think most of them are still the usable kind of words, even. Though at this point I am exhausted and actually feel rather sick and still need to pack for a trip and blargity...

I still have an hour left and everything!

... someone please tell me to go pack and not try to one-up myself by trying to round that daily wordcount up to 15K.

(Oh, funny note: The program I like to write in counts hyphenated words all as one word. Nano software separates them out. This doesn't make that big a difference in the long run, but it's really nice to switch to your Nano wordcount file, find it saying you have exactly 50,000 words even, and know you can safely toss that into the Nano validation script thing because the number will go up, not down. I gained about 200 words. And then finished the scene and plugged it in again, because while 50K on the nose is shiny, getting the scene done is infinitely better.)

EDIT: Aaand I just made it to the 15K in a day mark. Because apparently I have no self control whatsoever, but at least I can sometimes make even my failures great.

Now I have proved what I can do, please excuse me so I can go keel over and never do it again. It might end me if I tried.

Damn fickle bunnies

Well, this is a bit frustrating.

After rereading Ursula Vernon's unfinished work "Elf vs. Orc," and then reading some of Nanashi's fic in quick succession, I got bitten by the urge to write more of The Longest Night. It came out in a rather different style than what I have been trying to do for this fic.

I really wanted to try at writing something like a fairy tale. Not a happy chirpy Disney-type fairy tale (Past the Edge of the World has that covered), but one that expresses the feeling that the world is vast and unknown and dangerous beyond whatever little circle of civilization you may inhabit. Where magic is arbitrary. Where characters don't know all the rules, and the ones they don't know can and will end in death and further unpleasantness.

I love those sorts of stories. I want desperately to write one. Or several.

Instead I have something which has become far more matter-of-fact than the previous chapters. My brain is trying to ape Ursula Vernon's writing style and it needs to stop that Right Now because I am terrible at it. I would love to do dry humor, but I can't manage it consistently enough to carry a story, and more importantly it blends into this particular story about as subtly as a red baboon butt.

I'll poke at it for a few days. Maybe I'll try to rewrite it in something closer to the style I was going for. This is a very frustrating project all around. Every time I touch it I seem to come out writing it in a different style!
Finally a new chapter! I also have some little chunks of the next few chapters written, so while I know I will jinx myself if I say I want to have the next chapter out by whenever, I can promise I'm still working on it.

So many thanks are needed for my wonderful beta, slr2moons, who not only took time to help me with editing this chapter, but once again had to tell me to stop fussing over it and post already! Thanks to her, these are coming out even quicker than they would be otherwise.

Title: Heat of a Frozen Infatuation 11/? (Read previous parts here)
Pairing: Max+Kai
Warnings: Romance and some violence
Words: 6930
Teaser: Kai has something he wants to tell Max, but Max surprises him first.

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Okay, messenger announcement time

I have been getting a lot of random Y!M messages from people I don't know. Most are obviously spam and the rest are too vague for me to have any idea who they would be from if they weren't. And one I think was a case of mistaken identity or something.

So if you're reading this and I blocked or ignored you, I'm sorry but I didn't recognize your username.

Right now I'm blocking everyone not already on my contacts list, so if you're not a spambot and want to talk to me, please send me a PM or something.

Yet another FF13 h/c snippit

I swear everything I write for these guys turns out being hurt/comfort. XD While I was writing this I kept getting sympathy pains in the back of my head. ^^; Sorry for picking on you again, Snow... (Especially since in-game Cure heals Daze, doesn't it? But... I thought it would be funny... *hides*)

Ugh... I should probably do a RL update, but to be honest I really don't want to. Just dealing with some stupid drama at work again. Will pull through.

And now I have spent more time trying to think of a title than I did editing this. Gaaah! Working title may change if I can think of something!

Also: I have titles beginning with every letter but Q and X (not counting the Xellos/Zelgadis collection). I may need to write two fics just to remedy this problem...

Working Title: Be His Shield and He Will Fight
Warnings: Some ouchies and also hurt/comfort. Maybe spoilers but this doesn't take place at any definite point in the game
Characters: Snow and Hope
Words: 970
Summary: Snow gets injured while protecting Hope and finds himself being protected instead.

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Another little Beyblade ficlet!

And now another Beyblade snippit! Completely unrelated to the one from earlier. I've had this AU idea poking at me (er... kinda Duelist Kingdom with beyblades, I guess. Never said it was a good idea), but I really don't have time for another big Beyblade project right now, so I was hoping if I just wrote the scene that kept bugging me I could get it to leave me alone. This would be probably Max and Kai's first meeting. I worry that Kai is a little OOC here, anyway. I'm used to writing season 2 Kai, not complete beginning of the series Kai...

Working Title: Battle Island AU: First Meeting
Warnings: none
Pairing: maybe a hint of Max/Kai if you tilt your head
Words: 400
Summary: Max and Kai's first meeting in an alternate universe

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last uploads

Blaaaargh. 12-hours shifts make le tired Star.

Not really another fic snippit today, but I can say I finally added my one Sorcerer Hunters fic. The category's been there for a while now but I kept forgetting. ^^; oops... *hides* So now I can say I have everything uploaded! On the same day that bravehost finally eats me poor lil' site. *sigh* Though I should still upload the Everybody Loves Honda at least...

Beyblade snippit!

Another short ficlet, for Beyblade this time! This is just a stand-alone scene I wrote while working on HoaFI, but it doesn't really fit in anywhere and I wanted to share.

Title: Yours and Mine
Warnings: angst-ish with a happy ending
Pairing: Kai/Max
Words: 250
Summary: Even when they're together, Kai knows he's put an invisible line between them.

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Just a very short fic series, I was posting one part a day but I decided to bring it all together into one entry. It's for a fic challenge so I have a pretty strict word limit (this is my own fault, since I decided to break a 2000 word max into 5 chapters, haha...) so I didn't get to play with the food as much as usual. But yeah... Komatsu had breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert with each of the four kings but is utterly oblivious to their ulterior motives! *pats him*

EDIT: Now all five chapters are consolidated in one entry. Yay!

I do still like this, though given infinite time I'd probably go back and expand the whole thing, especially the last scene. Well, maybe not Zebra's chapter. I'm especially happy with how that one turned out!

4 Times Komatsu Didn't Notice (and Once he Did)
Warnings: some UST, eventually resolved
Pairing: 4 Kings/Komatsu
Words: 2000
Summary: No matter how his four favorite gourmet hunters treat him, Komatsu is sure they're only in love with his cooking!

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Air Master Olympic challenge fic, yay?

Because I am an idiot, I go and write fic for a challenge decided by number of reviews... fic for a super-obscure fandom, no less!

I don't care, I like this fic and I hope you will too.

In the Stands
Warnings: Angst
Words: 776
Summary: Maki loved gymnastics more than anything, but she has never reached her own Olympic dream.

Last of the uploads!

I actually think that's it. I have now uploaded all finished fic for Tantei Gakuen Q! I also uploaded my few crossovers (forgot I put those in a separate folder). Only stuff still waiting is the Sorcerer Hunters fic.

So what haven't I uploaded?
  • My FTLY fic. Since the comic itself is going to be rewritten this is basically obsolete. This was a big part of my early fandom involvement and I'm a little sad to see it disappear, but I'm not sure what else to do.
  • Co-written fic. I have posted a couple fics with links to their 'partners' written by others, but those stand on their own. The main fic I'm thinking of is the 'Everyone Loves Honda' round robin. I really loved that fic and wish it could live somewhere even though it's been so long since we worked on it. ;_; Nana-chan? RK? Thoughts on this one?
  • Response/comment fic. Mostly just drabbles here and there anyway. While I'm fond of a couple of these, it's pretty much just vanity wanting to have them in my collection, isn't it?

    So! If you're looking for a fic you remember me writing or posting and you can't find it, please tell me! If it's up and buried somewhere in my mess I'll find you a link, and if not I shall try to dig it up and post!

    Random bragging: I have over 230 fics posted now (not counting where I consolidated ficlets and drabbles because I felt like I was just making such a mess with teeny fics everywhere). I... um. Wow. That's in about... 8.5 years actually posting fic, but over 9 writing it. Is it insane that part of me is going 'Let's get to 300 before we hit 10 years!'? Possibly.

    So! New fics!

    Mostly Tantei Gakuen Q, including new chapters of old ficsCollapse )
    EDIT: Links now lead to AO3

    Almost there

    MOAR UPLOADS! Since last entry I've uploaded all finished fic for: Tokyo Majin, Tintin, Robotboy, and Beyblade.

    All I have left is Tantei Gakuen Q (my last big series, so I'm working on it this weekend) and Sorcerer Hunters (still waiting on the category since I took a long time to request it). After that I shall go back to posting fic one at a time.

    I have just a couple of new fics to share with this upload!

    Wrapped in Warmth
    Series: Tintin
    Notes: Set after the end of Tintin in Tibet. Friendshippy gen fic.
    Summary: On his journey home, Chang finds himself surrounded.

    Valentine's Chaos
    Series: Robotboy
    Notes: 1/2 done. Unrequited love abounds. (Lola/Tommy, Robotboy/Gus, Tommy/Robotboy, Gus/Lola)
    Summary: A continuation of the Valentine's Day episode. Tommy, Lola, and Gus have to deal with Robotboy's unlikely crush and their own feelings for one another.

    Kai/Max fluff
    Series: Beyblade
    Notes: made a place to collect cute little Kai/Max/Kai ficlets. One there so far.
    Summary: Kai is just watching the clouds, but then comes a sweet distraction.

    EDIT: Links now lead to AO3

    Getting close to the end now

    Best part of the week: Skunk! The breakroom at my work has these windows that take up the whole wall and last night there was a little skunk running back and forth along the window chasing moths that were attracted to the breakroom lights. So... so cute. <3

    EDIT: Other best part: RAIN! For about five minutes, but still.

    Okay, uploads again! All finished fic uploaded for Gundam Wing, Slayers, and Inuyasha. I think all of the 'new' stuff is just so old I never posted it here.

    Includes a lot of angsty Heero/Quatre (and hey, my first epic length fic. That's pretty cool, right?), some old poetry (I think everyone can be glad how little of my poetry phase overlapped with fanfiction), and that one Inuyasha fic series. The one that got such a universally bad response I actually took the second half of it down for about six years. But... well, for complete to actually be complete... We'll try this, ne? (Though part 3 has a note on it that basically says, "Don't read this. No one has ever liked it. srsly.")

    Can try to put together links to the new-old fic later when I have time. Have to get ready for work now.

    I'm now down to my last handful of series (plus a couple that I technically uploaded all the stuff I had posted before but I've held off declaring them done because I have something aaaaalmost finished I want to upload). So yeah, wow. Almost there.

    Yay, new categories!

    Today's massive update at YF included all the webcomic categories I requested! So now I have all finished fic uploaded for Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers, Clipped Wings (Okay, it hasn't updated since 2008...), Girl Genius, DMFA, and UC. (Or at least all of the stuff I previously posted for UC.)

    I have a lot of half-finished fic for UC I still want to go through and clean up to post. Even though it's AU from the main plot now and all fluffy ship fic. *hides* I did combine two older fics into one since they were originally meant to be a fic series and I thought it easier to put them in one file. You know, in case some more gets added... *shifty eyes*

    Among this upload batch is the first fic I ever wrote (or at least the first I finished and posted). Sadly, I'm more proud of this than the RW fic I wrote in 2004-2007. I even received my first piece of constructive criticism for this fic. Okay, more like my friend made fun of the horrible over-dramatic dialogue in my first draft. XD But the fic is better for that. Maybe everything I've written in the 10 years since is better for that. So right there it has a reason to exist. ^_^

    The Visit
    Notes: First fic ever HOMFG
    Summary: Post series. Shin has been distancing himself. Now Naaza looks forward to his too-brief excuse to visit. Hint of Naaza/Shin

    I guess I should be posting links to the Clipped Wings and the rest of the Ronin Warriors fic, but I'm kind of doubting anyone wants to read them. Besides, I am horribly embarrassed by the RW ones because they are full of POV switching OH FOR SHAME.

    EDIT: Link now leads to AO3

    Finished uploading YGO and Sonic

    So that's the rest of the Yugioh fic up! I also got through the Sonic fics. So many half-finished things for that series. *slinks in embarrassment* I think after I finish this I might like to make a post or something listing the status of my WIPs. And I only mean the ones where I have part posted, because if I list all the half-finished stuff I have...? Haha no. (Can roughly be divided into 'Working on it', 'Will work on next after top priorities are finished', 'Would like to work on, but who knows', and 'Not happening')

    Only one new Yugioh. I did end up making a dumping ground for some of my protectshipping fluff, and it does have some chapters I haven't posted elsewhere.

    Protectshipping fluff collection
    Notes: 5 and 6 should be new, I believe?
    Summary: A collection of ficlets and drabbles featuring Honda/Bakura being cute and cuddly together. All self-contained oneshots.

    And I also added 4 new Sonic ficsCollapse )


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