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Babbling to myself and writing list

Well, I found Toriko fandom. It's on tumblr. Maybe over the weekend I'll get over my fail and go squee at people like a mad thing and make a fool of myself.

As a side note, this is at least the fifth time in the last two months I've gone, wait there's more of [insert fandom] on tumblr! Me and pattern recognition, I tell ya... >.< I might have to learn to do the tumblr properly after all. (Maybe it makes me a snob, but I hate that cinched-narrow format for fic and the main thing I do is fic so I've been reluctant to post. I wonder if it would be rude to post periodic "what I wrote lately" things with links to AO3. Probably so, right...?)

My other side note is I really, really wish Toriko fandom had a kink meme. I'm not reliable enough to make and mod one myself. *wishes she was*

This kind of goes into my main point. Toriko fic is trying to eat my heart (the toothmarks have been there for years, but still!). The ROTG kink meme is way too much fun (and the Tintin one, though I'm more under control there, and I'm afraid to go look at the most recent dc_yaoi one partly because I'm half a year late but mostly the last one took me over for like a month). And who knows what will pounce on me next time I turn around now that I am frantically dragging myself back into the world with words.

So, in the interest of my getting stuff done, I'm considering alternating between "brand new, grabbed my brain" fic and "chewing on my brain for years" fic (aka, my neglected WIPs and promised stuff).

And in the interest of keeping myself honest, and to help me keep track, I'm making a list of the latter.

Promptfic from 2011:
Kai: blurred senses, season 1?
Honda/Yami Bakura working together to save Ryou
Inception Saito fics
Kaiba/Honda common sense
Jojo/Caesar sense of smell

WIPs that will be done with one more chapter:
Chrono Trigger - First Duel (sequel is done)
Robotboy - Valentine's Chaos chapter 3 (chapter 4 done)
Sonic X - Distractions and Allies part 2
Tintin - Chicken part 2
Toriko - The Chef's Special: Zebra

WIPs needing more than one chapter:
Beyblade: Heat of a Frozen Infatuation 12
Beyblade - Dirty Tricks 5
Detective Conan - Time Out part 4 part 5?
Detective Conan - The Trickster's Heart 2
FF13 - The Longest Night part 4
Naruto - 10_whores prompts
ROTG - Eight Going on Eighteen 2
ROTG - Jack/Jamie AU (I've been posting scenes to this one anon. >.< Sorry...)
Sonic - Survival of the Ultimate chapter 2
Tantei Gakuen Q - Ink is Thicker than Blood (some scenes, at least?)
Tantei Gakuen Q - Three Detectives are Better than One (30_dogpile prompts)
Yugioh - Past the Edge of the World 5

Other stuff: Might not be prompts or WIPs, but I promised them. I promised them in my heart!
Slayers - the Zel/Lina fic
Tron - the fic with Ram
Tintin - Wonderful (basically done but needs editing)
Beyblade - Past lives (basically done but needs editing)

Maybe that last category is a little fuzzy, but it's not counting a multitude of still-viable fic that I desperately want to finish but don't feel I promised (to someone else, that is), or stuff I promised that I don't actually know how to write now. >.< This might look like a daunting thing, but all the fics have one thing in common: All of these plotbunnies are alive. I'm pretty sure I know how to write at least the next chapter or two.
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