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Fic: Time Out chapter 4

Holy crapmonkeys, look what I finally posted three years too late!

I feel kind of bad, because it turned out what it really needed was frustrated Conan. >.< Sorry everyone... *still really enjoyed writing it* I think the next theme I want to play with is 'jealousy.' :3 After that, who knows what will happen.

Title: Time Out part 4
Characters: Conan/Heiji(ish?)
Warnings: none
Words: 1700
Summary: A skiing trip has Heiji sharing his warmth and Conan can't help being suspicious.

A peaceful vacation was exactly what Conan needed once in a while, and it seemed like that was what he was actually going to get. From the minute they met Heiji and Kazuha at the station their luck had been normal to the point of boring. Heiji hadn’t even crouched down to whisper in his ear the way he usually did. Even the weather was cooperating, staying cold and clear. The skiing trip that Conan had subconsciously expected to end with them snowbound at the very least had so far been uneventful.

Conan hadn’t realized how much he had gotten used to cases popping up wherever he went until an uneventful weekend out with everyone was enough to put him on edge. Not even a hint of disaster struck, and Heiji was being much too well behaved. He’d kept his hands firmly in his pockets, and off of Conan, the whole trip up to the slopes. That wasn’t normal.

Of course Conan was keeping an eye on his energetic friend. He was just waiting for Heiji to pull something. In the meantime he kind of enjoyed watching Heiji snowboarding, making a fool of himself when he tried to show off.

Heiji noticed him watching, and flashed a cheeky grin back, but it only got him in a stupidly competitive mood that involved trying to weave around Conan. When they collided and ended up wrestling in the snow, Heiji hadn’t even pulled any of his usual tricks. He let Conan ‘win,’ holding back as if he really was just playing with a normal kid. Conan got him back for that by sitting on his chest and washing his face with snow.

When Conan was bucked off and pinned, he expected something completely different from the handful of snow that ended up down the back of his neck in retaliation. His muscles sang with frustrated anticipation that said he should be doing something, but he didn’t know what. He didn’t move until Heiji helped him up.

That false good behavior couldn’t last forever. Especially not when a ‘girl’s night out’ to the main lodge was declared, and they were left to make their way back to their cabin together.

Left to his own devices and with nothing else to occupy him, Conan ended up crawling straight into the nearest bed, still in his damp clothes. He hovered somewhere between sleep and sulking, determined that he wouldn’t say a thing about Heiji’s distant attitude. Heiji would just take it as permission to start something.

“Kudo, you’re in my bed again.”

He had noticed Heiji’s bag on the end of the bed, but had somehow ignored what that implied. Last time he’d climbed into a bed Heiji had already claimed, hadn’t Heiji taken that as ‘starting things?’

As soon as he had thought of that, Heiji was prying him out from under the covers. Conan found himself yanked out of his warm hiding place and into Heiji’s lap.


“Don’t get my bed all wet!”

Conan hadn’t given much thought to his damp clothes, but sure enough Heiji yanked his sweater up over his head, stripping it off. It was natural to guess that Heiji had a less-than-innocent motive.

When Heiji stripped off his pants with the same quick efficiency, Conan seized the opportunity to kick him in the stomach. He was shivering already, covered in goose bumps, but he blamed Heiji for that more than the cold.

“Give me back my clothes! It’s cold!”

“You’re cold because you’ve been sitting around in damp clothes.” Heiji paused long enough to look around. “Where’s you bag? You brought dry clothes, right?”

“I left it in the car.” Conan had forgotten about it. He really was in a slump today.

“Oh, great. Come here.” Heiji pulled up his own sweater with one hand before scooping Conan into his lap and tugging the sweater down to cover him.

For a moment Conan was frozen in place, thrown off by the sudden warmth and closeness of being tucked inside Heiji’s clothes. He always knew right away what Heiji was doing, so why did he feel off-kilter now?

Heiji shifted him up until he could put his head up thought the neck of Heiji’s sweater. Heiji was grinning at him, but he didn’t even try to take an easy kiss from Conan while they were nose-to-nose. Maybe he knew Conan would bite him if he tried.

Supporting Conan with one arm, Heiji stood and went to hang up his damp clothes to dry. He moved next to rummage through his own back, still holding Conan to his chest.

“I guess you could borrow one of my sweaters for a while.”

“Then why did you have to pick me up?”

“This is cosier, isn’t it?” Heiji abandoned his search for a fresh sweater and flopped comfortably onto the bed, still hugging Conan to his chest. He was grinning, inviting Conan to agree.

“You keep saying stupid things.”

Conan’s feet kept slipping out into the cold air. Before he could complain Heiji had pulled the covers up over both of them, all the way up to Conan’s head.

“Warm now?” He beamed at Conan.

Conan didn’t answer. The warmth was all Heiji’s body heat seeping up through his thin undershirt. He let himself relax and stretch his legs until he was laying flat on Heiji’s chest. Heiji’s warmth felt better than he ever would have admitted out loud. It was bad enough that he could feel himself practically melting into it, even allowing Heiji to rest one hand on the back of his head. Heiji made the perfect human heating pad when he cooperated like this. Conan didn’t even mind when Heiji’s other arm joined the first, resting heavy across his back.

He even smelled nice, Conan slowly realized. There was a faint scent of cloves and orange peels, and he wondered distantly at the thought of Heiji using some kind of fancy soap. It didn’t seem like him to care about things like that.

It was only because he was so warm and comfortable now that he was letting his mind wander into such nonsensical areas. It was funny, because he knew he wouldn’t be so willing to soak up Heiji’s warmth like this in the summer.

Belatedly Conan remembered Heiji’s prediction from the aftermath of their last case together. ‘You’re going to want to sleep with me once it gets cold.’ Warm as Heiji might be, there was no way Conan was sleeping with him just because of that! He’d almost let Heiji have his way without a fight.

As if on cue, Heiji let out a sigh. Conan jerked his head up to fix his sneaky friend with a poisonous glare.

Heiji didn’t even notice. He was sleeping peacefully, taking deep slow breaths with a faint smile of contentment soft on his lips.

“How can you just fall asleep in a situation like this?” Wasn’t Heiji the one who had been trying so hard to cuddle up to him and get him into bed? And what did he do when he finally had what he wanted? He went to sleep!

But if Heiji was asleep, wasn’t it safe to stay in this warm comfort for a little longer? Sure, he could probably escape now, and it would probably discourage Heiji a little to know he’d wasted his chance. He needed to be discouraging Heiji. He couldn’t keep letting himself get swept up in it every time Heiji kissed him.

He just wanted to soak up some of this warmth while he had the chance. The slow rise and fall of Heiji’s stomach with each breath and the warm weight of Heiji’s arm across his back were more comfortable than he could have guessed. Warm and sleepy, Conan let his cheek rest against Heiji’s chest once again. There was no reason for him to be annoyed that Heji had wasted his chance. It wasn’t like he wanted anything to happen.

Heiji looked so peaceful in his sleep. Conan was so used to endless displays of high emotion, it made him want to pull on Heiji’s stupid face. He actually reached up and brushed his fingers across Heiji’s cheek, but thought better of pinching Heiji and waking him up.

Looking at his own hand against Heiji’s cheek, he almost didn’t notice that it was too small. Even when Heiji took advantage of his size to do things like tucking him inside his sweater, being with him made Conan feel like who he was supposed to be, not the small body people saw. He accidentally brushed the corner of Heiji’s lips with one finger, and for some reason it felt as if his heart was beating a little faster. He traced his fingertip slowly along Heiji’s lower lip. Maybe Heiji’s crazy, out-there, delusional ideas were contagious. . .

Heiji made a noise deep in his throat and turned into the touch, making Conan snatch his hand away. He kept going, but his seeking mouth only found a fold of the comforter. The throaty noise he made sounded far too much like, ‘Kudo,’ followed by a contented little moan that made it clear to Conan that even if Heiji could keep his hands to himself for a few hours he still had the same things in mind.

Ducking down under the covers, Conan somehow wiggled out of Heiji’s sweater without waking him and slipped out of bed.

The cool air was even more uncomfortable after being tucked against Heiji’s warmth. His clothes would still be damp, so he raided Heiji’s bag for a clean sweater, which felt nice and soft against his skin. Not as warm as being in bed with Heiji, but better than sitting around in nearly naked.

Somehow he ended up perched on the bed beside Heiji, swinging his legs over the edge, shooting glances back at his sleeping friend. In his absence Heiji had spooned himself around the pillow, cuddling it against his chest.

He knew he shouldn’t feel disappointed just because nothing like a case had come up on his vacation, but he told himself that restless unspent mental energy was all that was bothering him. He definitely wasn’t frustrated that Heiji had kept that promise not to make the first move.
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